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Oral7 Feuchtigkeitsspendendes Mundgel
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Oral7 mouth gel – successful against dry mouth

Dry mouth (xerostomia) can have various causes. Dry mouth is not only very unpleasant, but can also lead to tooth decay, bad breath, inflammation of the gums and canker sores. Dry mouth damages the natural oral flora and allows harmful bacteria to multiply. This condition can be made even worse by using the wrong oral care products, as many products contain sodium lauryl sulfate or alcohol, which can further dry out the mouth if used regularly. The Oral7 oral care series was developed specifically for people who suffer from dry mouth or want to protect their oral flora.

The moisturizing Oral7 mouth gel is a specially developed medical product that pleasantly moisturizes the mouth and palate and protects it from further drying out for several hours. This can effectively relieve dry mouth and keep the oral flora in balance. The effect is particularly effective in combination with the Oral7 mouthwash and the Oral7 toothpaste .

The causes of dry mouth can be varied

Normally, the mouth is protected by a sensitive organic system in the oral flora consisting of enzymes and saliva, which supports the “good” bacteria and prevents the “bad” bacteria from multiplying. Under certain conditions, however, saliva production can decrease and the balance of the sensitive oral flora can be disrupted. The following circumstances promote dry mouth:

  • Illnesses such as diabetes, asthma or Sjögren's syndrome
  • Treatment methods such as chemotherapy, dialysis or radiotherapy
  • Medications such as antidepressants, antihistamines, diuretics and hundreds more
  • Life circumstances such as alcohol consumption, smoking, stress, long flights, mouth breathing at night, physical exertion and pregnancy

Anyone affected by this will particularly benefit from the moisturizing Oral7 mouth gel.

Oral7 oral gel provides long-lasting relief

Oral7 oral gel contains natural enzymes to support healthy saliva flow, which moistens the mouth for a long time. The mouth gel provides relief from dry mouth for up to 7 hours, helps with swallowing difficulties and soothes and protects the gums. The medical mouth gel scores points with its natural ingredients, has a fresh taste and is ideal for daily oral care.

Especially if you or your relatives are affected by illnesses such as diabetes or adverse circumstances such as chemotherapy, you should not also have to struggle with dry mouth and its consequences. With the Oral7 mouth gel, at least this burden is successfully removed from the world.