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Zahnprothese und DinaBase7 Zahnprothesen Haftgel
DinaBase7 – The alternative to adhesive cream
If you wear dentures, you know that finding the right bonding agent can be a constant battle. Conventional adhesive creams for dentures promise a strong hold, but often cannot keep...
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kräftig zubeissen auch mit den dritten
Bite hard – even with third parties
Biting hard and heartily into a delicious apple - many people with dentures don't dare to do that. They are afraid that individual teeth could break if they bite hard....
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Herkömmlicher Zahnprothese Kleber
Optimal hold for dentures: A comparison of different denture adhesives
Denture adhesives are indispensable aids that ensure a reliable and stable hold of dentures. They come in various forms such as adhesive creams, adhesive gels, adhesive strips and adhesive powders...
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Wie geht es Ihrer Zahnprothese?
How are your dentures doing?
“You’re getting younger and younger!” This statement from friends and acquaintances is usually the reward for the long sessions at the dentist until you finally have your new set of...
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Pflegetipps für Zahnersatz. Prothese in Glas mit Wasser.
Care tips for dentures
So that you can bite to your heart's content for a long time, you should pay special attention to the care of your prosthesis. Regularly cared for dentures not only...
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Tipps für den richtigen Umgang mit den dritten
Tips for dealing properly with “third parties”
The new set of teeth is in place and you can finally show off your teeth again - that's the well-deserved reward for the long sessions at the dentist. Functional...
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