Bite hard – even with third parties

Smiling senior woman biting into an apple.

Biting hard and heartily into a delicious apple - many people with dentures don't dare to do that. They are afraid that individual teeth could break if they bite hard. Even laughing heartily becomes a problem for some denture wearers because they fear that they will find their entire dentures on their lap afterwards. The third teeth are usually more durable and resilient than many people initially believe.

However, it can happen that a tooth breaks when eating harder foods or that the denture falls into the sink while cleaning and breaks apart. The dentist is of course the first point of contact for professional repairs. But such a mishap usually happens on the weekend or on vacation when a dentist is not available. It therefore makes sense to get a product for repairing dentures from the pharmacy. This makes it easy to repair broken teeth or cracks in dentures yourself.

Many people suffer from poorly fitting dentures. It is usually not the prosthesis that is to blame, but rather the jawbone. After losing his own teeth, he shrinks. If there are also changes in the palate and reduced saliva production, which is relatively common in older people, the dental prosthesis loses its grip on the jaw and becomes loose. Here, too, the dentist can reline the prosthesis professionally, which of course requires a lot of time and money.

If this is too time-consuming for you, you can get pre-mixed relining material from the pharmacy in addition to adhesive creams and powders. This means you can reline your dentures yourself relatively easily, so that the dentures sit firmly again without causing painful pressure points.

Advantages of DinaBase 7 adhesive gel for dentures

The special thing about the tasteless and clinically tested DinaBase 7 adhesive gel for dentures is its unique suction cup effect. When two moist surfaces are pressed together, the air between them escapes, creating a negative pressure. This ensures a firm hold and an absolutely tight transition between the denture and the palate. This prevents food residue from penetrating, ensuring a firm grip and perfect oral hygiene.

Thanks to DinaBase 7 adhesive gel, denture wearers regain quality of life because the perception of the prosthesis fades into the background.