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Oral7 Feuchtigkeitsspendendes Mundwasser
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Oral7 mouthwash – fresh and moisturizing

Commercially available mouthwash often contains alcohol and menthol, which, if used constantly, can dry out the oral cavity and lead to tooth decay, bad breath, inflamed gums and canker sores. Especially those who already suffer from dry mouth don't want to make this unpleasant feeling worse and still want to prevent the proliferation of harmful bacteria. This is exactly what the Oral7 oral care series was developed for.

The Oral7 mouthwash contains no alcohol or menthol, but instead contains natural enzymes that support the flow of saliva and moisten the mouth. It has a mild and calming effect, keeps breath fresh, gums healthy and bad bacteria away from the oral cavity. In combination with the Oral7 toothpaste and the Oral7 mouth gel The mouthwash is particularly effective against unpleasant dry mouth.

Disturbed oral flora, dry mouth and the consequences

The oral flora is a sensitive biosystem made up of enzymes and saliva. If it is in balance, the “good” bacteria are supported and the spread of “bad” bacteria is prevented. Dry mouth can cause the delicate oral flora to become unbalanced. The causes of regular dry mouth are varied, such as illnesses (diabetes, asthma, Sjögren's syndrome), medical treatments (chemotherapy, dialysis, radiotherapy), medications (antidepressants, antihistamines, diuretics, etc.) or special living conditions (alcohol consumption, smoking, Stress, long flights, mouth breathing at night, physical exertion, pregnancy). The moisturizing Oral7 mouthwash helps you to balance the oral flora and enjoy a refreshing mouth feeling again.

How Oral7 mouthwash moisturizes and protects the mouth

The Oral7 mouthwash contains natural enzymes, fluoride and calcium, but no alcohol or menthol. The mouthwash does not dry out the oral cavity, but is particularly mild, soothing and moisturizing. Nevertheless, it effectively helps eliminate bad bacteria in the mouth and keeps gums healthy. Thanks to its special mode of action, the mouthwash ensures fresh breath and a well-moistened mouth feeling every day. Anyone who regularly suffers from dry mouth will particularly benefit from the moisturizing formula of Oral7 mouthwash.