Dr. Brux: Grinding guard against bruxism: Sleep better & stop teeth grinding

Woman with bruxism or teeth grinding

Grinding your teeth is very uncomfortable. Not only can it lead to broken teeth, but it is also incredibly disruptive to your sleeping partner. The use of a mouth guard like the Dr. Brux: Crunch guard helps solve this problem. Grinding your teeth can have various causes, e.g. B. Stress, anxiety and lack of sleep. Teeth grinding is not only bad for your teeth, but it can also affect the rest of your body and cause sleep problems. This grinding guard will help you avoid pain and potential damage from grinding your teeth at night.

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is a disease that affects millions of people every day. If you grind your teeth frequently, it's nothing to worry about. Many people grind their teeth every day and are not even aware of it. This problem can be caused by stress, anxiety, sleep apnea, and TMJ problems. Your dentist can detect signs of teeth grinding through regular checkups.

Bruxism can cause jaw pain and headaches and can cause long-term damage to your teeth. That's why using a mouth guard while sleeping is a good alternative to expensive dental services. Dr. Brux has developed a mouthguard that protects your teeth and relieves the tension associated with bruxism.

Comfortable and Affordable - With our mouth guard, you don't have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars at the dentist like with other options!

High Quality - Made from high quality material that will last for many nights.

Comfortable – Our product will feel comfortable in your mouth so you can sleep better.

There is no reason to continue to suffer the discomfort and pain associated with bruxism when our Dr. Brux: Crunch guard can solve these problems.

These grinding guards are suitable for children and adults because people of all ages can suffer from bruxism, especially those who clench their jaw in stressful and anxious situations. People who grind their teeth at night may also benefit from taking mild sedatives before bed, as these can help relax the jaw muscles and prevent grinding.

How does a mouth guard against teeth grinding work?

As the name suggests, this mouthpiece is designed to protect your teeth from the effects of grinding. When you wear it at night, it prevents your upper and lower jaws from touching while you sleep.

It also serves another function: it helps keep your airways open. This makes it easier for you to breathe while you sleep, which in turn contributes to better rest.

With a grinding guard, you can stop grinding your teeth at night and reduce the occurrence of pain and discomfort after a sleepless night. It also prevents damage caused by teeth grinding and ensures that your jaw is properly aligned. This grinding guard is easily customizable, comfortable, and will help you live a healthier, happier life.