Care tips for dentures

Care tips for dentures. Prosthesis in glass with water.

15 million Germans wear prostheses . So that you can bite to your heart's content for a long time, you should pay special attention to the care of your prosthesis. Regularly cared for dentures not only look nicer, they also give the wearer a feeling of security and prevent diet-related diseases and periodontitis. Here are some care tips:

  • The simple basic rule is to rinse the dentures under running water and rinse your mouth after every meal.
  • It is best to use a toothpaste containing fluoride to brush your dentures and your own teeth.
  • With implants, the transition between tooth and gum at the implant site is more permeable - so the risk of bacteria penetrating here and causing inflammation in the area around the implant is not low. Particularly thorough dental care is necessary here: Daily cleaning of the spaces between the teeth with dental floss and also the area around the single tooth implant is therefore important: If there is a little more space here, a thicker "floss" can also be used. Metal-free brushes are recommended in the implant area.
  • In bridge restorations, depending on the design, the pontics do not rest on the mucous membrane or only rest on a small area. Below is an area that, although difficult to see, still needs to be kept hygienically clean. Hygienic cleaning can be carried out with a pre-cleaning oral irrigator and a thick floss or interdental brush without a metal core.
  • Removable dentures require the most care. This should be cleaned twice a day and as needed, so that any odor-causing bacterial putrefactive processes can be prevented. A special denture toothbrush and gel toothpaste or cleaning tablets are suitable for cleaning. Slight traces of tartar can be removed by bathing in warm vinegar water. In addition to cleaning your dentures, you should not forget to clean your own teeth and gums.
  • You should take your time when cleaning and, if possible, sit down to do it.
  • Individually designed toothbrush handles are often helpful for patients with manual disabilities.
  • Older people whose dexterity has declined should be helped to care for their teeth.
  • Regular preventive care is also important. Wearers of fixed or removable dentures should visit the dentist twice a year for a check-up, even if there are no problems.