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Brux sports mouthguard for more safety in team and individual sports

Sports mouth guards are just as important for sports as other protective clothing. That's why mouth guards are mandatory when boxing. But it is advisable not only to wear a mouth guard during martial arts. It also makes sense for other sports because teeth are a weak point in accidents. Accidental physical contact or a fall can easily cause injuries to the mouth, which can have devastating consequences. A mouth guard during sports protects athletes from pain, operations and dentures. Brux developed this mouthguard specifically for team and individual sports. Other rails are used for full contact sports.

Brux mouthguard works reliably

A sports mouth guard is as easy to use as using a seat belt when driving a car. The bit guard is placed directly in the mouth. It is transparent and therefore very discreet. Its multi-layer structure protects the upper and lower rows of teeth, as well as the carriage and lips. This is achieved on the one hand by the carefully selected material and on the other hand by the robust construction, which keeps the different areas of the mouth at a distance. The soft membrane of the sports mouthguard absorbs vibrations, which significantly reduces the risk of loss and damage to the front teeth. The risk of a concussion is also minimized because the upper and lower jaws collide less strongly.

Brux sports mouthguards are individually adapted

For the best protective effect, individual adjustment of the sports mouthguard is essential. This requires impressions of your own teeth. With the Brux sports mouth guard, the adjustment takes place in three steps. This ensures an optimal fit and more safety during sports.